Courses In Our Program.

Habits Of Grace - Enjoying Jesus through the spiritual disciplines.

Instructor: Pastor Dave Meyers 

Description: A wise man once said, "It's hard to lead a cavalry charge if you can't stay on your horse." And certainly, it’s true. Our ability to effectively inspire, lead, and mentor those around us is directly related to us being able to grow and lead ourselves. In this course you will learn, and practice, some of the essential’s disciplines that go into personal growth and self-leadership.

The Grand Narrative of Scripture.

Teacher: Pastor Terry Murphy

Description: This course will help students identify the centrality of Biblical Scripture in all we believe and has a direct impact on how we will lead. The goal of the course is to establish a deeper understanding of (Judeo-Christian) Scriptures as a whole, and how and they provide a foundation to every area of our lives.

Spiritual Leadership.

Teacher: Pastor Charlotte Quist

Description: What makes for a godly leader?

  • The prayer life of a Leader
  • The relationships of a Leader
  • The integrity of a Leader
  • Biblical standards for a Leader
  • Spirit-fueled and directed Leadership

Leadership Essentials

Teacher: Pastor Morris Watson

Description: From root to fruit, leaders are made. Natural leadership ability will only take you so far before you plateau and become unfruitful. The purpose of this course will be to help you recognize the necessity of being developed as a leader on many different levels. We will look at the development process that can make you into fruitful leader if you are willing to pursue it.

Effective Conflict Management

Teacher: Pastor Dave Meyers

Description: The dictionary defines conflict as a serious disagreement or argument. Synonyms include dispute, quarrel, squabble, discord, strife, and antagonism. For most of us, these are not pleasant. In this course, we will see how vital effective conflict management is, and discover practical ways of how we can grow and mature in it.

Leadership Resilience

Teacher: Pastor Dan Godard

Description: This course focuses on staying healthy in leadership for the long haul. We need to grow, develop strategies, and be prepared now so that we can remain resilient along the journey of leadership. Our goal is to become people who can stay the course and stay soft-hearted even amidst the storms and attacks that Christian leaders inevitably face. Let’s discover together how we can burn bright for a lifetime without burning out.

The following courses listed below are part of our split track. 
Students will be able to choose between a Marketplace or Pastoral focus.

Gospel, Church, and Culture (Marketplace)
Marketplace Evangelism (Marketplace)
Time Management (Marketplace)
Marketplace Excellence (Marketplace)
Biblical Interpretation (Ministry)
The Art of Preaching (Ministry)
The Wise Masterbuilder (Ministry)
Pastoral Toolbox. (Ministry)

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